Want to know how much you could be making if you drove for ShipEX?

ShipEX Salary Calculator

Complete the calculator below with the amount of miles you know you are capable of in a month and how many years of experience you have with ShipEX. To see how much you can make with each additional year invested at ShipEX, choose an amount of years from the drop-down menu.

If you drive Monthly and have  Driving for ShipEX, you are eligible to earn a Productivity Bonus of every month!

If you drive  monthly, you are eligible to earn a Compliance Bonus of UP TO every month!

$60,000 Base Salary
Productivity Bonus (x12 months)
Compliance Bonus (x12 months)
Yearly Earning Potential

This calculator is for informational purposes only. Calculated results do not provide any financial guarantee or offer of employment. Actual salary, bonus, and payment terms will be determined at the time of hire and be subject to conditions and change. Speak with your recruiter to find out more!

The ShipEX Difference infographic