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chicken in the oven

Trucking Appliances: Toaster Oven

This week we are beginning a series that will branch out and explore the different kinds of appliances that you can take with you on the road.

Woman sneezing in a car

ShipEX Health Insurance: Delivering What Matters

Getting sick is the worst. You’re feeling achey all over, you are spraying all manner of sick fluids everywhere, and there is NEVER ENOUGH TISSUES OR WATER!

Firey Crash

Driving Safe Around Semi Trucks

This morning, thousands of motorists in Utah woke up to the news that a major section of I-15 had been engulfed in flames.

Payday Calendar january 2019

ShipEX True Salary

There is a lot of noise and confusion about what salary means in the world of Professional Truck Drivers.

Snow on the truck rooftop

Transportation’s Worst Enemy: Snow!

This year’s snow fall (thus far, at least) has been ridiculous.