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Freight Services

Discover our expert freight solutions no matter your transportation needs. At ShipEX we are experts in time and temperature-controlled freight, however, we are able to develop and implement a variety of custom transportation plans for our committed partners.

Full Truckload Shipping

At ShipEX, we are proud to be at the forefront of the full truckload shipping (FTL) industry.

Our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service has enabled us to expand from a single truck to a formidable fleet of 350 over the course of 16 years.

This growth is a testament to our tireless efforts to exceed customer expectations and our unyielding pursuit of operational excellence.

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Last Mile Services

We take pride in offering exceptional last-mile services to our valued customers!

Our last-mile services are currently available in Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Utah, and New Jersey.

We are consistently expanding to new locations as we serve more customers.

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Brokerage Services

Our representatives will help you find the solution you need to get your freight where it needs to go.

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Temperature Controlled Shipping

ShipEX trailers feature state-of-the-art temperature control to ensure worry-free delivery of time and temperature-sensitive shipments.

Our unwavering dedication to quality and service has made us the preferred motor freight carrier for many such products.

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Dry Van Services

Although we only haul reefer trailers, ShipEX is still a great option for dry van products.

Our trailers are the same dimensions as dry vans allowing us to provide freight services even when the freight does not require temperature control.

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At ShipEX, delivering what matters is more than just an idea; it embodies everything we do.

We don't just rely on careful trip planning to increase our efficiency; we're always searching for new solutions and innovations to help get your freight where it needs to go quickly and safely.


We utilize three different top-of-the-line tracking options to ensure that your load is always monitored.

With ShipEX, you can leave your stress in the past and have peace of mind knowing that your freight is in safe hands.

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Truckload Freight Shipping

We turn over our trucks every twelve months to ensure it is made up of the newest equipment which not only ensures that your loads stay as safe and efficient as possible but also allows us to consistently reduce our emissions and do better for the environment every year.


We are dedicated to safety and our FMCSA Scores show it. From 2020 we have improved our unsafe driving by 34%, crash indicator by 60%, and hours of service by 43% and we are only continuing to improve.

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