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What's your CPM?

We don’t pay a CPM. We offer a true BASE salary of $62,500 a year. Our drivers receive the same amount regardless if they are shut down due to weather, mechanical breakdowns, or any other industry-related delay. They have a consistent pay they can depend on each week. This base is just the beginning! They have the opportunity to make even more through our monthly bonues. To see how much you can earn through the monthly bonuses take a look at our Salary + Bonus Calculator.


Since we offer a TRUE salary, which encompasses compensation for detention, layover, off-duty time, & other instances where the driver is left sitting at no fault of their own, there is no way to compare this to an accurate CPM figure.

What's the hourly comparison to the $62,500 salary base?

The hourly comparison varies on how many miles you are hitting per month & how much verifiable tenure experience you have prior to coming to ShipEX. Let’s play with an example:


If you are averaging 3,300 miles per week you would hit 14,300 miles per month


By hitting 14,300 miles you are making an additional $1,500 for the month through our Productivity Bonus. Now, let’s say you have 3 years of verifiable tenure experience that gets carried over. That initial $1,500 just increased to $2,400 for the month.


Again, if you are averaging 14,300 per month you will receive an extra $2,400 each month. Totaling $91,300 per year.


Additionally, if you follow our Safety requirements and hit at least 7,500 miles for the month, you are eligible for our $250 monthly Compliance Bonus. If you get this each month that’s an extra $3,000 a year.


With the base + monthly bonuses you are now making $94,300 a year


This translates to be $30/hour by applying the 60-hour rule

Do you offer bonuses?

Yes! We offer 2 types of bonuses, which you have the opportunity to get each month:


Productivity Bonus


Once you hit 11,500 practical miles for the month you will receive a base production bonus of $250, for every additional 500 miles you run after the initial 11,500, you will receive another $250. The amount increase depending on your experience multiplier.


Compliance Bonus


Each month every driver is eligible for a $250 compliance bonus as long as they have driven 7,500 miles and they are compliant with ShipEX safety and compliance policies

How long will I be out on the road for?

Typically, ShipEX drivers are out on the road for 2-4 weeks at a time and receive 2-4 days of PAID home time days. However, the average time a driver can be out on the road for will vary depending on where you are located at the time of your hire date.

Does ShipEX hire owner-operators?

We do not hire owner-operators or have a lease-to-purchase option. We are a 100% company driver fleet.

How much experience is required?

We require 24 months tractor-trailer experience (6 months of that MUST be within the last year)

What's your rider policy?

We have a free rider policy, the passenger must be at least 18 years old and not pregnant

Do you allow pets in the trucks?

Yes! We have a free pet policy. Drivers are allowed to bring 2 small pets (under 30lbs each) OR 1 medium-large pet

What equipment do you use?

We have the latest & greatest equipment! We have 2022 & 2023 Freightliners with lots of color options available. These trucks are equipped with fridges and freezers, inverters, satellite radio, & more!