Precision Reefer Solutions

At ShipEX, our goal is to continue to grow and evolve through innovation. We try to stay ahead of the curve and be early adopters before changes ripple through the rest of the transportation industry. That is why we are proud to be the first motor carrier to partner with a revolutionary new platform that is sure to become a household name in trucking – Precision Reefer Solutions.



Precision Reefer Solutions has streamlined our entire reefer management process by automating countless tasks and removing human error from the equation. It has already reduced our claims exponentially and saved us countless man-hours .

Your Fleet at Your Fingertips

This system allows us to not only monitor and report on our entire fleet of reefers, but we are also able to make corrections remotely, in real-time, from one convenient platform – that type of control is priceless when it comes to avoiding costly mishaps.

Key Features

Temperature Alert System

We used to manually check each shipment and compare the settings in the TMS to the actual set point to ensure they matched. Now the tool monitors these settings 24/7 and alerts us any time there is a discrepancy.

Detained Trailer Alerts

The ability to automatically identify trailers that have been detained for an extended period of time has made managing our fleet and recouping cost much easier.

Fuel + Battery Levels

We are able to monitor fuel and battery levels even when the driver is not near the equipment. This real-time information significantly improves our planning and level of efficiency.

Powerful Reporting

The reporting and data visualization allows us to evaluate performance across all of our teams, quickly identify bottlenecks, and take meaningful action to improve.

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