Full Truckload Services

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We excel in Full Truckload (FTL) shipping, a highly efficient mode of transportation tailored to large and heavy shipments.

By opting for FTL, you benefit from a seamless experience as you are not sharing space in the trailer with any other clients.

Quality and Safety

With ShipEX, say goodbye to worries about the quality or safety of your load.

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Our three-way tracking provides continuous visibility, allowing you to keep tabs on your cargo effortlessly.
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Additionally, we diligently monitor the temperature of every shipment, ensuring that it arrives in optimal condition and within your expected timeframe.
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Rest easy knowing that ShipEX prioritizes the well-being of your load throughout its journey.

Drop Trailer Solutions

Do you need more storage space? Contact your ShipEX representative to discuss our drop trailer options!

We offer drop trailer services to help streamline your operations and improve driving efficiencies, as well as trailer rental for additional storage space.


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