ShipEX is proud to employ America's Heroes: Veterans

Trucking is one of the best careers for transitioning from active duty to civilian life. It requires people that are intelligent, can not only take orders, but can be trusted to make the best decisions on their own, and to be committed to accomplishing difficult tasks.

ShipEX is particularly well suited as a trucking company for Veterans to transition with for a number of reasons. We offer a structured salary like the military. We also cover 100% of your medical benefits.

Beyond that, our freight is vital, and there is a great feeling that comes with knowing the load that you have just delivered is going to help somebody in need.

But there is no need to only take our word for it. Read what former service men and women have to say about driving with ShipEX.

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“I feel recognized and it makes me feel really important at ShipEX. …I love the benefit package, [and the salary] money being there on time every time. How they emphasize safety first and stick to it. I feel safer driving. They work with shippers to make me feel comfortable while driving with them. Plus, top notch equipment. Hometime is spot on every time.”

-Thomas, Ret. US Army

“[We are] and not micro managed. The entire fleet is treated with respect, from the Operations Team to the Maintenance Department and the owner himself.”

-Bill, Ret. US Airforce

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To America, to ShipEX, Veterans Matter.
Thank you for your service.