As a Driver, you lead a very solitary life, just you and the open road. To some, this is a freeing feeling, to not be tied down to anything, with no obligations but to arrive and depart on time.

To others, they enjoy their job but desire some sort of companionship, sometimes in the form of a furry friend who barks or meows.

ShipEX supports those of you who want to bring your pets along for the ride which is why we offer a Free Pet Program to our Drivers. No breed restrictions. No cost.

We want your travels with your pet to be enjoyable, so we have created some tips on how to care for your pet out on the road.

yellow truck - dog

Before considering taking your pet on the road

Before you even begin taking the steps to prepare your truck for your furry pal, you should make sure they do not become motion-sick while

After acclimating your pet to their carrier leading up to any trip you will be taking, put your pet inside the carrier inside your personal vehicle and take short drives around the neighborhood. If done properly, in no time they will not only adjust to vehicle travel, they could even grow to love the same way you do. on the road.

sick dog on food bowl

Take the Proper Food and Water on the Road

Any pet owner can tell you that cats and dogs can be incredibly picky with the kinds of food and water they want.

A little preparation before leaving can save you valuable time on the road. Make sure to bring an extra supply of your pet’s favorite food to remove the worry of finding it while on the road.

Providing your pets with ice cubes periodically on the road can be much easier on your pet rather than giving them a bowl of water.

It is best to feed your pet at least two hours before you depart and to restrict feeding to an absolute minimum while on the road.

Not only will it help reduce your pet’s chance of being motion sick, it can also help you maintain the best diet habits during long hauls.

Cat with hat sitting in snow

Winter Months Preparations

We are approaching the winter months and these months require a few extra steps of preparation when it comes to caring for your pets.

Make sure to carefully trim the hair around their paw pads. Ice and snow can get trapped in a pet’s fur and cause discomfort and pain.

Ice melt can also become trapped in a pet’s fur or can create very sharp shards of ice that can cut your pets paws. Not only will trimming your pets fur around the pay be a great proactive step, to completely protect your pet you can invest in a set of pet booties.

This can enable your pet to comfortably walk along many kinds of terrain (including hot parking lots in the summer) it has the added benefit of keeping your pets paws clean when they reenter the truck with you.


If you can prepare your beloved pet for life on the road, it will make your experience with them and their time with you even better and easier to manage.