Going above and beyond for our Professional OTR Drivers is just the standard at ShipEX. Like equipping our Drivers with the newest equipment and paying a True Salary, we choose to pay 100% of our Professional Drivers’ medical premiums.

Controversial opinion: getting sick is the worst. You’re feeling achey all over, you are spraying all manner of sick fluids everywhere, and there is NEVER ENOUGH TISSUES OR WATER!

But getting sick on the road is even worse. Especially when you consider that every time you simply catch the common cold, you are losing an average of 8.7 work hours. If you are averaging 55 mph, then you have lost 440 miles by getting sick one time. That is not even considering catching the flu or something worse.

Which is why ShipEX chooses to pay 100% of your medical premiums.

We make using your health benefits as easy as possible by utilizing the Cigna National Network for doctors, clinics, and hospitals, with no restrictions on pre-existing conditions.

The Health Insurance ShipEX offers can save you an average of $14,500 a year in premiums and hospital stay deductibles.

For example the CPAP machine you have been looking at to reduce your fatigue (which is one of the biggest issues plaguing the industry) comes at a discounted rate and will be counted towards your deductible with ShipEX paying for your medical benefits.

You can also use your insurance to visit a nutritionist to help you eat better on the road or use your insurance benefits to speak with a mental health professional.


Having access to health professionals is all well and good, but if you cannot make appointments to visit them while on the road what good can they be?

Put another way, what is universally the worst part about visiting the doctor?

The time it takes. Filling out a form every time and waiting around in a tiny room with other sick people; waiting to be seen can be absolute torture. Every minute that passes is another minute you could be on the road making your miles or spending time with your family.

Remaining on the road is a high priority for everyone in the trucking industry. Which is why we provide a useful app to make the most out of your insurance premiums, called HealthiestYou.

If you pull into a consignee and are waiting to get unloaded you could use the app, be put in touch with a doctor immediately at no cost to you and be given a prescription to pick up as soon as you are unloaded. After picking up your medications from the nearest pharmacy, you are right back on the road with no major interruptions to your drive time.

How’s that for fast turnaround services?

As we said before, paying for our Drivers health insurance is just the right thing to do. We care about each and every one of our Professional Truck Drivers.

It is why we pay for 100% of your medical premiums and hospital stay deductibles. Instead of ignoring the warning signs of becoming sick, we want you to talk to a doctor, get the medical care you need, and get back to feeling 100% as fast as possible.

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