Have you ever tried locating a tricky delivery location and spun your wheels trying to figure it out?

What about being rushed through Orientation at a new company, but when you got out on the road, you forgot some vital elements like where you can fuel or how to plan out a trip?

How great would it be if you had a fellow experienced driver that could fill those gaps in?

Because of those needs, ShipEX created the Driver Advisory Board.

The Driver Advisory Board is a team of very dedicated Drivers that help answer all kinds of questions on the road and support new and experienced Drivers alike. Support like:

  • Trip Planning
  • Providing useful insight of the ShipEX Driver Manual
  • The very simple dos and don’ts when working for ShipEX
  • Knowing the best routes to take
  • Have insights for what ShipEX can and should be doing better
  • Non-Emergency questions regarding ShipEX Policies

The Driver Advisory Board is a volunteer group of Drivers within the ShipEX fleet that have their own loads to trip plan and deliver and are given no preferential treatment. They simply want to help other Drivers in the ShipEX fleet succeed.

One of the first things the Driver Advisory Board did was set out to identify ways that ShipEX could improve itself. The Driver Advisory Board was able to identify 22 issues that ShipEX could fix and within just six months of the Driver Advisory Board bringing these issues to ShipEX’s attention, all but TWO those issues had been completely fixed.

Recently the Driver Advisory Board brought up a great way to honor the investment many Drivers had made in driving for ShipEX: Tenure Pay. For every year a Driver invested their time with ShipEX, they could increase their monthly earning potential by a significant amount.

With the assistance of the Driver Advisory Board, ShipEX created its new bonus structure and Salary Calculator.

There are a few things the Driver Advisory Board doesn’t do and cannot help with. They are also not equipped to help with the following:

  • What to do in case of an accident
  • If you have any questions regarding your ELD
  • Fuel Card issues
  • Truck malfunctions
  • Trailer malfunctions
  • Payroll

When running into these issues, contact the appropriate department using the phone numbers listed on the FAQs page. If you are ever unsure of who is best to voice your concerns with, contact your Driver Manager and they will be more than happy to help you.

Members of the Driver Advisory Board are available to be contacted any time during business hours but are under no obligation to immediately answer you given that this is an entirely volunteer position for them. If you want to talk to the Driver Advisory Board, or ask them any kinds of questions, you can find their contact information in the ShipEX Driver’s Portal or ask your Driver Manager for more details.