Long-haul truckers are always out on the road, and that comes with many different challenges and experiences. Everyone in the trucking industry, from new truck drivers to the most experienced drivers, has many stories of the things that they have seen out there.

We spoke to some of our OTR drivers and asked them about some of the highs, lows, and laughs that they have had out on the road!

Why Did You Become a Truck Driver?

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“I grew up around long-haul truck drivers. My uncles drove long haul, and when I was 16, I was even able to go out on the road with them. I learned everything that I could about it and loved the experience. After that, I went into accounting for 30 years.

When I met my husband, he had been driving for 30 years already. He had always wanted to team drive as part of a husband and wife team. I loved the idea!

The trucking company he drove for at the time allowed him to train me until I got my CDL, and then we drove together. As a new driver, he made sure I learned A LOT about safety! He would always tell me that even if I am good enough for bad weather, the other cars might not be.

After driving together for a few years, he had to stop driving for his health. Now I am a solo driver and I still love truck driving. Being on the open road is incredible, and I don’t think I could ever go back to working in an office.”


“It is my dream to drive. I love spending time on the road. I listen to my radio and explore the country. I only go home every three months or so because I cannot get enough of being on the road. I get to see this beautiful country every day! I have seen so many incredible sights on my routes.

After a long day of driving, I will call my family and enjoy preparing for the next day. I did not get into this industry for the money, my wife provides enough for us, and I simply love driving.”

Best Moments as a Truck Driver

Grand Canyon at Sunset


“I love seeing the beauty of the world around me every day. As I drive, I get to see so many different climates and such different scenery. At ShipEX, I usually get to drive coast to coast, which means that one day I will be driving through a desert, and the next, I am surrounded by mountains or trees. It is incredible. It gives me the feeling that there is something larger than me in the world, and I love it.

I didn’t get to travel a lot when I was younger and I always wanted to be able to see the country. The one vacation I went on that has always stood out to me was a trip to Colorado. I loved the mountains they were so majestic. Now I get to see them all the time, and it’s amazing.”


“I love to see the country. I started driving so that I could see all of this country, and there are so many beautiful sights along the road. When I am trip planning, and I know I will be passing somewhere beautiful, I try to plan a time to see it. I have over 1,000 pictures of all of the incredible things that I have seen as a driver.

My favorite sight was probably the Grand Canyon. I planned my trip so I could take my time and really enjoy the sights. It was truly incredible to see.

I have always had a work ethic, and as a driver, that is part of it. I am always able to earn my performance bonus every month, and that gives me the extra time to stop in the beautiful scenery.”

What was the Hardest Challenge you Have had to Overcome as a Truck Driver?

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“The hardest challenge I have faced on the road is the isolation. Many truck drivers will tell you the same thing, the loneliness gets to you if you aren’t careful. I love my family, and I love to spend time with them. Living away from them is always going to be difficult. My family lives in different places across the country, however, and I get to stop and see them.

We have set up a routine where if I am passing through their town, they will meet me at a truck stop, and I get to hug my kids and grandkids. It always brightens my day when I get to say hello to them. I also make sure to FaceTime them every single night if I can. I love being able to see their faces and talk to them for a while. The loneliness is definitely the hardest part of a trucking career.

One thing that this has taught me, however, is that you can find good people no matter where you go. In your interactions with others as a driver, you can get to know people and find the good in them. I always start an interaction expecting the best and giving the best, and you can meet a lot of great people in different places that way. Look for the good instead of expecting the bad.”


“When I first started driving it was really hard to understand the expectations that others had for themselves and for me. It seemed that everyone was stressed all the time, and I never understood what they wanted from me. It made driving a stressful experience instead of the joyful experience it usually is for me.

Being a truck driver was my dream, and I wanted to be able to enjoy the experience, but at those trucking companies, it seemed that nobody felt that way.

Then I moved to ShipEX! People here communicate clearly and I don’t have to worry about it anymore. I always know what is expected of me and I can exceed that. I am able to run my miles and run out my clock, and I know that my driver manager trusts me. I don’t have to feel micromanaged anymore and I love it! I can have joy driving again!

It is hard to find a trucking company that I can trust and I am happy that I am with ShipEX now. I can have fun on the road, and I am living my dream as a driver.”

Funniest Thing That Has Happened on the Road?

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“Back when I was a team driver with my husband, he liked to have a lot of fun. He would do all sorts of different voices and accents, especially on the radio. Well, one night, he starts putting on this southern accent – he is not from the south, mind you – and he says, “I have got this woman with me, and she’s got somewhere to go! Who wants to come to pick her up and bring her where she needs to go?” Now I am already laughing pretty hard about how silly he is being, but then someone answered!

A different driver across the lot responds on his radio and says, “Sure, I can pick her up! Where does she need to go?” I still laugh when I think about that, my husband had to clear that up pretty fast! He never considered that someone would actually be willing to drive his fictional hitchhiker where she needed to go. My husband was always having fun like that when we were team driving, and I have a million stories like that. We always had a good time.”


“As truck drivers, we can see into all of the cars around us. Being that high up in the truck gives a pretty good vantage point. I think the funniest things that I have seen on the road have all been the bits of stories I see in the cars around me as I drive.

I cannot count how many times in my years as a long-haul trucker I have seen drivers getting distracted by the radio and missing their exits! Then I get to watch the animated yelling from the car.

I always take care to be extra aware as a driver, in order to be safe on the road, I need to know everything that is happening around me, especially where the other drivers are. This only makes these little scenes more common.

There have been many people who are dancing hard to their radios or being foolish on their phones. It always makes me laugh, I just listen to my radio and drive joyfully.”

We Love to Hear ShipEX Driver’s Stories!

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We hope you have enjoyed reading these incredible stories from our ShipEX drivers. Being a long-haul trucker is not an easy job, but these men and women have shown that with dedication and determination, anything is possible. These stories are a testament to the hard work and sacrifices that truck drivers make every day to keep our country moving.

At ShipEX, we care about our drivers and know the importance of their contributions to the transportation industry. We are proud to work with such a dedicated group of professionals. If you would like to join our team of elite truck drivers, contact one of our recruiters today!


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