ShipEX True Salary

There is a lot of noise and confusion about what salary means in the world of professional truck drivers. Plenty of other transportation companies like to sell their version of an OTR driver salary with a world of sign-on bonuses, but all of that comes with a big fat “BUT”. Beneath the attractive surface, there may be hidden costs, unfavorable terms, or demanding conditions.

Aspiring drivers should be cautious and not be swayed solely by flashy headlines. It’s essential to look deeper to understand the complete situation. While some bonuses may be offered, they could come with tough targets to meet, low basic salaries, or rigid schedules, potentially affecting work-life balance.

Since 2015, we have paid a true salary to every single professional OTR truck driver working for ShipEX. Since then, our success and methodology have been imitated often but never replicated. Our people-centric approach has not only ensured fair compensation but also cultivated a genuine bond with our drivers, driving them to deliver exceptional service.

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What does “salary” mean for truck drivers?

Many companies like to say they offer a salary, but they will change how much you earn with that salary from month to month or in some cases week to week (much like the cents per mile model). That is unstable and is closer to being paid per hour or mile. These OTR trucking (over-the-road trucking) jobs that promise more money are unreliable for the driver and are often unsustainable.

Many OTR drivers, especially new drivers who have just earned their commercial driver’s license may find themselves drawn to these trucking jobs because they sound good at the start, only to find that they are not earning what they expected.

Over-the-road trucking companies like these use the word “Salary” as an interchangeable term for CPM, pay, or compensation; the word has lost all meaning. But at ShipEX we believe in paying an honest salary, meaning a consistent paycheck every week as if you were sitting in the office next to us side by side. A true team member.

Other companies will offer company drivers a decent compensation package, but only after they have gone through their probation period or once they have “proven themselves.” These truck drivers may find that the other practices of the company are not worth staying and may not ever receive this compensation package.

We understand the importance of being transparent with our drivers, which is why we offer a salary on day one for all of our OTR drivers. Our true salary means that you will make $62,500 in a year, no ifs, ands, or buts.

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Risks of CPM Driving

CPM driving can be alluring at first, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Let’s delve into some eye-opening examples to understand it better.

Imagine you’re an OTR driver with ABC Trucking Company, earning a seemingly attractive wage of ¢55 per mile. While it may sound appealing, many carriers offer this rate because they won’t guarantee you the necessary miles to make it truly worthwhile. This situation can lead to tremendous stress, especially if you’ve budgeted based on running a substantial number of miles. But for now, let’s assume they do provide both the ¢55 per mile and the miles.

On Monday, you successfully cover 600 miles, earning you $330 for the day. However, due to traffic, weather, and detention delays, you only manage to cover another 1,500 miles before your reset, bringing in a total of $1,155 for the week, after driving 2,150 miles.

Now, imagine facing a series of challenges, such as Polar Vortexes, heavy rain, and government shutdowns. You might encounter an entire month of paydays like the one mentioned, earning you just $4,620 for the month. While it’s not a bad sum, remember that it doesn’t include detention pay, layover compensation, or any days you might have taken off.

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How much can you earn as a ShipEX driver?

At ShipEX earning a salary is smooth sailing. No matter what industry-related obstacles or delays you face over the month you will still be making $1,201 every single week. That stays true even in traffic jams, detention, or bad weather!

Picture this: during a brutal winter month, you’ll still rake in a rock-solid $5,208. Now, that’s something to get excited about! OTR truck drivers, you’ll definitely understand how crucial this financial security can be.

Let’s talk numbers for a moment. Isn’t $5,208 a much more enticing figure compared to $4,620? Of course, it is! That’s a whopping difference of $588, which can truly make a world of difference in your financial situation. It might mean the difference between smoothly paying your rent on time or facing stressful financial hardships.

Curious about your potential income with us? Imagine covering an impressive 15,000 safe miles in a month and dedicating 8 years of service to our company. You can easily explore these exciting possibilities using our handy Salary Calculator.

*Based on rough estimates and not including taxes, withholdings, etc.

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Lost Pay in the Trucking Industry

Now that we have broken down the ShipEX salary pay, you may want to think about major industry issues with pay that are typically overlooked when it comes to Detention, layover, and home time. The salary tackles these issues head-on.

Traditional pay models lead to significant losses for drivers. According to the TCA Vice President of Government Affairs, Drivers lose, on average, 20,000 miles every year because of detention. That is $9,000 just thrown away (not including hours lost).

But with salary pay, you are being compensated for every second of that detention. Layovers also often leave drivers uncompensated for their time, impacting both earnings and quality of life. ShipEX’s salary pay changes the game, providing compensation during layovers, and ensuring financial stability even when waiting for the next load.

The ShipEX Difference

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At ShipEX, you are still earning your salary when you take your approved home time. Home time is vital, and we want to make sure you know while you are off the road you are paid. You can take it and not worry about making ends meet.

We firmly believe that home time is crucial for your well-being, allowing you to recharge and spend quality moments with your loved ones. With ShipEX, you can take that time off with peace of mind, knowing that your earnings won’t be affected.

We have learned that with salary pay many of our Drivers have become first-time homeowners due to the consistent pay. This setup has allowed ShipEX to make a difference in so many professional truck drivers’ lives. Apply to ShipEX today to start earning a true salary.