Highway hypnosis can have a range of effects, from forgetting how you got to your destination to missing exits, to reducing driving safety. It does not get the same attention as driving while tired or sleep deprived, which also affects many Truck Drivers.

Also known as White Line Fever or Driving Without Attention Mode, highway hypnosis doesn’t make you feel drowsy, nor are you daydreaming at the time. Your brain is fully functional, but you have to wonder if Drivers working for trucking companies near you are fully attentive.

Drivers for truckload companies work a lot of hours each day. Even during long truck runs, it is possible to avoid highway hypnosis and the risks associated with it. In addition to getting enough rest before your workday, practice these habits to maximize your alertness:

Drive During Your Peak Hours

Begin your trip early in the morning when you are most alert and likely to be for some time. Getting your drive started later limits the time you’ll be alert, increasing the risk of accidents. Think of your truck-driving duties as a day at the office, and don’t go on a haul during hours you’d normally be sleeping. (Link back to Blog Post about Sleep)

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Highway hypnosis can occur sooner if you’re too comfortable. Heat only exacerbates these effects. To ward off the problem, lower the temperature in your truck, whether by turning up the air conditioner or opening the windows when it’s cooler outside. Cooler temperatures help keep you focused and your eyes on the road.

Make Full Use of In-Truck Entertainment

Turning up the music can help you stay alert. Listen to your favorite songs and radio stations. A little variety helps as well; if you’re accustomed to loud music, try a different genre or a talk show. If your freight transportation job takes you far, invest in a satellite radio (need to mention that ShipEX offers free Sirius XM Satellite Radio here) to tune in to the same station from anywhere. Even an audiobook can help keep your attention on the road.

Watch Your Posture

After hours of driving, you may begin to slouch. Many truck driving companies invest in seats that are ergonomic and highly adjustable. Sit up straight and adjust your seat to ensure you’re in a proper sitting posture. Adjust the headrest as well. Proper support for your entire body can avoid or delay fatigue.

Take a Break


Don’t let your trucking logistics company pressure you into working longer than you should. Everyone needs a breath of fresh air once in a while. To get to your destination safely, stop, get out, and stretch once in a while. Even walk around the truck stop before you get going again.

ShipEX Puts Driver Safety First

At ShipEX, we consider our Drivers the backbone of our business, making us one of the best truckload shipping companies to work for. We specialize in safely and proper handling of temperature-sensitive and dry freight materials. To learn more about our freight transportation services for frozen foods, household goods, pharmaceutical supplies, and more, contact us today online or call 385-232-7100.